Essential Kit List

Single Duvet cover, bottom sheet and pillow case - or a YHA style sheet sleeping bag, these are needed at your accomodation. Duvets and Pillows are provided.

Mountain Kit List

Daysac - 30/40 litre to carry spare clothing, hill food and spare gear. Axe loops useful but not essential.
Wind/Waterproof Shell - Jacket and Overtrousers a must.
Warm Insulated Jacket - Ideally with hood, may double up with above.
Warm Trousers - Not Jeans/ Denim, which get very cold when wet.
Warm Sweater - Carry in rucsac in case of need for extra warmth.
Warm Shirt/Sweatshirt - Woolen or polyester fibre - not cotton.
Boots - Preferably strong mountain boots - the stronger the sole the better.
Thick Socks - Loops. Not worn/darned (which can cause blisters).
Gaiters - Keeps the snow out of your boots.
Thermal Underwear - Polypropylene and not cotton. Include Longjohns ( or mother's legging).
Gloves/Mitts - Preferably waterproof - plus inner contact gloves if you have them. Spares very useful, for when first set get wet on hill.
Warm Hat - 60% of body heat escapes from head.
Sunglasses or Ski Goggles - For if the weather is very god or very bad.
Bivi/Survival Bag - Emergency use to be carried in rucsac.
Torch - Ideally headtorch, with spare batteries and bulb.
Small notepad & pencil.
Whistle - For emergencies, everyone should carry one.
Ice Axe - If you can get hold of one, but County has supplies.
Crampons - Not essential, but bring you you own.
Climbing Rope - Not essential, but bring if you own.
Map - Not essential (1:25000 Sheet 3 Cairngorms and/or 1:50000 Sheet 36 Grantown & Aviemore)
Compass - Not essential, but get into the habit of carrying one.
Thermos Flask.
Personal 1st Aid Kit - Plasters, medication etc. (Leaders will be carrying comprhensive kits)
Spare Clothes - Especially spare walking socks and mid-layers.
Personal Toiletries & Hygiene.

Overnight Gear

Part of the experience is a night in a snow-hole or mountain bothy. If you want to do this you'll need:-
Sleeping Bag - (4 season or uprated 2/3 season)
Insulation Mat.
Lightweight Stove & Pans.
Knife, Fork & Spoon.
Mug & Plate/Bowl.